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King Fu Poker


The goal of the game is simple : realise better poker combinations than your opponent (pairs, three of a kind, full…). Your opponent will try to prevent your victory using his game experience, probabilities and the super-powers he previously acquired.What will be your strategy ?Come and face the kings of poker in furious duels !
Note : King Fu Poker is a free App, using an internet connection. The App also offers integrated purchases for players who want a quicker progression
FUNCTIONALITIES / SPECIFICATIONS • Fight a duel against players worldwide • Realize the most beautiful poker combinations • Collect a maximum of coins and unlock powerful powers • Impress your opponent using your strategy • Compare your ranking with the ranking of your friends • Link your account to facebook
POWERS • Time : Like in poker, the Time button gives more reflection time to the player.It is very useful at the end of the game when it becomes more difficult to work out probabilities • Boost : To get your opponent into trouble, the Boost power accelerate suddenly his reflection time. Of course your opponent is not allowed to activate his Time button as long as this power is on • Mystery : Allowed you to hide a card of your game. Hence the opponent can only see the back of the mystery card and he doesn’t know if you are bluffing • Joker : gives automatically the best combination in the column where your card is placed. The card of the deck that was going to be played is automatically taken away. Thus you know the card your opponent won’t be able to play anymore • King Fu : Gives the power to swap one of your column with one column of your opponent. Very powerful !
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